🇮🇹Day 14

🧄I want to introduce you to this garlic. We paid €1 for it this morning. We normally pay about 60p back in the UK. Why is she boring us with this, I hear you say?

I just want to show you just how expensive it is to live here on the Amalfi coast. We are savvy shoppers, we know where the best food is and where to to buy it.

It’s not all seaside, yachts and beaches here. Yes, there is something beautiful around every part of this coastline. Wherever you turn there is beauty, stunning villas, pretty plants, decorative ceramics, happy friends and loving family.

However, it is a very expensive place to live and to holiday on. Therefore, whilst I fully endorse everybody to come and pay a visit, be well aware that it is a very expensive place to be and it’s not just like it at summertime, prices are like this all year round.

So if you do come for a visit , maybe bring your own garlic! 🧄