🇮🇹 Day 12

This afternoon I went to the beach for the first time. As I walked, I was surrounded by this deep blue sky.

What was waiting around the corner?

Beautiful Atrani, Italy’s smallest town, and where we go to avoid the crowded beaches in Amalfi!

What was down this stairway?

Atrani’s little Piazza. Try and enlarge the picture and you will see people having a lazy lunch at the bars and cafes there.

What was under the arch?

The quaint, organised beach lido and a clear sea, enticing you to dive into.

After a few hours of sun and sea, I headed home on foot. (Remember, as beautiful as the Amalfi Coast is, it’s best experienced in foot – lots of stairs and steps too!)

I will be back again tomorrow, “A domani “❤️